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Dunc’s Blog – an introduction

When we asked Duncan Allan, our site support engineer, if he would like to contribute to a weekly on-line technical blog, he was naturally cautious. A self confessed digital luddite, he is much more at home with a screwdriver than a keyboard. He still thinks that tablets are something to take with water for a headache and the main function of a mouse is to evade hungry cats.

This expression of computer reluctance is hardly surprising for an engineering wizard, who served his apprenticeship up to his elbows in spark plugs and sump oil. Honing his mechanical skills in the days when diagnostics was a euphemism for a head scratch – and it was still possible to fix a motor with a big spanner and verbal encouragement. The novice became the master, owning and running his own garage, before being tempted by the lure of shiny steel doors and cleaner fingernails.

Since joining Strongdor, sometime after the golden age of steam, Duncan earned his stripes (and no little admiration) in steel door manufacture, installation and resolving on-site snagging and retrofits. He has those special skills of simplifying the complex, offering the right word at the right time and always being prepared to roll up his sleeves making the gnarly manageable.

Often asked for by name by fabricators, foremen and fitters, Dunc is our very own Mr Fixit travelling the length and breadth of this sceptred isle with a McDonalds site map on the dash and a well worn toolkit in the back of his trusty motor.

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