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Dunc’s Blog – the Highland Fling

According to the official Strongdor Engineers Report, Dunc’s recent trip to the Scottish Highlands should have involved a quick, routine hardware check of some steel doors on an industrial unit in Aviemore. The documentation is less clear about how, later on that same day, he came to be at the peak of the sixth tallest mountain in Britain.  For those outdoor types, Cairn Gorm is situated in the centre of the mountain range it lends its name to. At 4084 feet in height, it presents the sort of remote obstacle that makes any accidental ascent unlikely in the extreme.

The events that led our intrepid engineer to scale this Albannach height, may remain as shrouded in cloud as the summit itself. Because, as puzzles go, how he got there is less perplexing than the conundrum of what he did while he was there.

Stood on the roof of the nation, it wasn’t the stunning panorama that took his view. It was, rather, the steel doors on the visitor centre that captured his attention. You can only imagine the squeal of delight that escaped him, when on closer inspection he discovered that they were none other than Strongdors’ finest.

So while the other tourists filled their digicams with the obligatory vertigo selfies and images of the breathtaking scenery, Dunc got a few snaps of his own pure paradise. Proving that, like Superman, a true steel door engineer is never off duty. He thought his day done, how could it be any better?

It was as he prepared for a content descent, no doubt musing about his proximity to the nearby distilleries, that he set eyes upon the highest post box in the United Kingdom (the sign next to it proudly bragged of its unique altitude) and there behind yet another steel door.

Could it be that at the highest point in the UK that you could post a letter, you could also be at the highest point at which you can walk through a steel door? Could it be that this steel door was a Strongdor steel door? Only pausing to take evidential snaps, Dunc hurried over to inspect the door.

At this point I have to apologise to the staff and management of the visitor centre. In his eagerness to get a good look at the hinges, to check the veracity of this installation, Dunc may have inadvertently set off the centre’s alarm system. I believe that they were very understanding about the incident.

All of which leads us to remarkable claim that Strongdor hold the record for the highest steel doors in the UK. Unless you know different, in which case, Dunc would like to hear from you!

Although it is not the highest, Cairn Gorm is one of the best known summits in Scotland. It has been developed for ski-ing and, for those less energetic, a funicular railway can take sightseers to the summit.

Does Strongdor hold the record for the highest steel doors in the UK? If you know different, we would love to hear from you!

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