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Challenge Strongdor

Whilst we may not all be Pro Athletes, everyone has their strengths and we all like some friendly competition. That's why we have launched Challenge Strongdor!

Test your skills and be in with a chance of winning a £100 voucher. Enter as many or as few of the games below as you like, but remember the more you enter the more points are up for grabs!

Free Entry Kit* - Strongdor water bottle and branded hat! 

Enter at least 2 challenges below or reach at least 10 points and we will send you a kit direct! Just email your video entries to

  • 1st Prize - £100 Amazon voucher
  • 2nd Prize - £50 Amazon Voucher
  • Extra Awards: 
  • Funniest entry 
  • Effort award 

You will also get 1 extra point for every time you post your entry on social media with Hashtag #ChallengeStrongdor (1 post per challenge, per entrant)

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1. Balancing Act

Can you keep your nerve in the water bottle balancing challenge?

Balance a half filled see-through water bottle (no lid on!) on your head, without any hands or additional support.

2 points - 30 seconds in one take

5 points - 30 seconds plus straight into touch floor 3 times (standing back up fully between each touch)

10 points - All of the above then straight into a full spin around

12 Bonus Points - If you are feeling brave,  like Leon our Business Development Director, take a phone call whilst still balancing the water bottle!


2. Tape Measure Challenge

How quick are your catching skills?

Get a friend to drop a Malteser down the length of a tape measure and catch in your mouth without touching the end of the tape measure!

2 points - Tape measure length 1.5m

5 points - Tape measure length 2m

10 points - Tape measure length 2.5m


Must only hold tape measure from the end and no supports to be used, with end off the ground at all times.

3. Speed Installing - Timelapse

How quick and easy are Strongdor doors to fit?

Prove your speed installation skills by submitting a time lapse of your Strongdor product installation.

20 points - Full installation timelapse submitted

Bonus points - Available for quickest time and quirkiest video


Must submit full time lapse with start and end time shown on video.

PS. If you need guidance on how to do this using just your phone get in touch with

4. Door Book Bashing

Do you have what it takes?

Use your Doorbook (every great installer has one!) and a ball or spherical item no bigger than an apple, to prove your skills!

2 points - Bounce ball/ item continuously 10 times without it touching the floor

5 points - Hit the ball under your leg to be caught by a friend 


Ball or item must be spherical with no flat surfaces i.e. bean bags not included!!! Ball must not hit the floor during the attempt. Under leg hit must include the ball being thrown under a raised leg and hit by the Doorbook to be caught by a friend.

5. Fitting Kit Flexibility

Ever heard of the cardboard box challenge, well this is the Strongdor version?

Show us your flexibility by picking up the fitting kit box from the floor using only your mouth!

2 points - Fitting box lid up

5 points - Fitting box first fold of lid removed

10 points - All of lid removed


Feet must be touching the floor at all time, no other parts of your body can touch the floor. Hand or legs must not touch the box or floor at any time! Please use a different fitting kit for each participant.

How to take part?

Read through the 5 games and watch our videos to see the Strongdor team having a go!

  • Choose which games you would like to try and video your attempt
  • Once you have achieved the highest point level you can, email your entry to including your full name and company name
  • We will collate all your points and announce the winners by 5pm Monday 9th August


All entries must be submitted via video to Strongdor reserve the right to pick names from a hat in the event of a draw. By submitting an entry you agree to Strongdor using all content on any marketing channels including but not limited to social media, website and email.

*Free entry kits available for the first 30 entries only on a first come basis. No other alternatives will be provided for kits once the initial 30 have been distributed. Points received will be the highest level you achieve for each game not separate points for each level i.e. 10 points.

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