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The faces behind Strongdor – A spotlight on Elisha

Spotlight with Elisha

Strongdor is dedicated to shining the light on their hard-working team who help keep the company known for impeccable customer service. In this article, we hear Elisha’s insights into what it’s really like working for Strongdor.


How long have you worked with Strongdor? 

“This year marks my 3rd year with Strongdor, I can’t believe how fast it has gone!”


What is your role at Strongdor? 

“To begin with I started in a Business Development Support role, working alongside the team to help onboard new businesses. I was responsible for identifying new opportunities and liaising with customers on a daily basis, to offer support. Helping out with our social media channels alongside my role, was when my passion for marketing began. 

When Covid hit, I joined the Sales Team and worked closely with key accounts, maintaining relationships with clients and supporting our customers.

Fast forward to July 2021, I was given the opportunity to shift full time into the marketing department, where I now work as a Marketing Assistant. I manage all social media channels and create organic content on a regular basis. I also monitor active marketing campaigns to enhance and grow the company brand, whilst working closely with agencies to help assist in the delivery of projects”


What do you love about working for Strongdor? 

“I personally love that Strongdor strives for personal development. I had been extremely fortunate to have been offered an interview to apply for the Marketing Assistant role and feel very grateful to have been accepted for the position, as marketing has always been a path that I have wanted to explore.

I am now attending a CIM course working towards a Marketing Degree, studying and learning in my own time to help develop my skills and understanding to support my role.”


How did you find working in the steel door industry through Covid? 

“I returned to the office quickly after the first lockdown and wore many different hats to help the business. I worked on reception, as part of the sales team and marketing department.

We were fortunate to have projects for the NHS and maintenance work was still ongoing. I found that my telephone calls were much more personal conversations, rather than just being about business. People enjoyed having someone different to talk to, especially when they were lone working. I connected with so many customers and it really helped me to enhance customer rapport and really get to know people better.”


What's something most people don’t know about you? 

“Prior to working at Strongdor I have done a lot of travelling. In one of my previous trips, I travelled around the Philippine’s and swam with Whale Sharks. It was such a surreal experience, I can't say the smell was amazing though!”.

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