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The faces behind Strongdor - A spotlight on Gail

Strongdor Gail

In this article, we hear from very organised Scheduling Coordinator Gail about her experience working for Strongdor. Always smiling and making sure the team are happy with coffee and cake, thank you Gail!!


How long have you worked at Strongdor? 

" 2 years and 1 month"


What is your role at Strongdor?

"I am the Scheduling Coordinator, working at our factory in Southgate with Operations, but also working very closely with our Sales department at Carnforth. I co-ordinate all the orders through the workshop and the production of paperwork for all orders. I am kept very busy answering customer emails and telephone enquiries."


What do you love about working for Strongdor?

"We have an amazing team at Strongdor and I enjoy being part of it, 'Teamwork that makes the dream work' is the top motto here at Southgate. It’s a great feeling when we receive a positive review about our service and products, it certainly makes me feel proud of where I work.

I also love when we get to celebrate our achievements by having different celebratory lunches together and it's always great to catch up with everyone too.

We have also been running the ‘Strongdor Bake Off’ for 6 months now and love tasting all the delicious treats that are made, running different activities within the office is one of my favourite things to do! "


If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

"I would love to become a Yoga Instructor and a Reiki master. I love the whole ethos and the natural health benefits you get from it. It’s also amazing to make a difference in peoples’ lives."


What’s something most people don’t know about you?

"I competed as part of a ladies’ team in an assault course challenge at Halton Army Barracks in Lancaster and we won. The training for it was very hard but it was all worth it when we won and we raised lots of money for Charity."


What’s your favourite motto/quote?

“Never a problem always a solution”

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