Steeldor – Aldi Supermarket

Steeldor - Aldi Supermarkets



Established as a single grocery store in Essen, Germany in 1913, ALDI (Albrecht Discount) is now a global discount supermarket chain, which has been expanding within the UK at a rate of 20 to 30 new stores per year.

Strongdor are pleased to be associated with that success and share some of their trading ethos. For instance, consistency. Being consistent with our dealing with our clients, products and pricing leads to reliability.

Simplicity creates efficiency and responsibility indicates our commitment to our staff, customers and the environment. For this store in Offerton, Manchester Aldi specified Surelock McGill hardware for guaranteed security and peace of mind.

As well as supplying doors for the new build stores, Strongdor also provide replacements, as part of the groups on-going store maintenance programs.

We offer a full range of internal and external steel door-sets. Personnel doors or fire exits, discuss your requirement with our team on 01524 727000

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