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Sports halls and stadia


The City Academy, Bristol is a specialist sports college that offers its students, and the surrounding community, some superbly equipped facilities. From an impressive sports centre with three indoor halls, to tennis courts, football pitches and athletics track. It boasts some of the finest sporting facilities in the south west.

Used by the Academy students during the day and open to the public in the evening and weekends, the sports halls are in near continuous use. They can accommodate activities such as basketball, netball, volleyball, korfball, handball, badminton and table tennis and can also be used as one huge indoor arena for events and competitions.

As you would expect for any popular public space, there is a schedule of planned maintenance and refurbishment.

As part of the upgrade of the halls, local company Gemsec were invited to fit some new steel fire exit doors with some specialist hardware.

In this instance, double Steedor door-sets were modified and fitted with Dorma touchbars. With a shallow design and less exposed moving parts, the touchbars sit much closer to the doorleaf than a standard panic bar. They are specifically used in areas where there is a risk of collision or catch hazard.

In this configuration, the active leaf was fitted with a 3 point bar, while the inactive leaf had a two point version. The result being an impressive 5 point locking door-set that offered both security and style.

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