Acoustidor – Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Professional sound engineers make a living from their fanaticism for sound. So when kitting out this high grade, professional recording studio, it was no surprise that excellent sound reduction was at the top of their preferred door wish list.

The solution was Acoustidor. At nearly 80% glazed with a certified sound reduction of 47dB, this quality product is based on years of experience and know how.

With these doorsets, precise engineering does not come at the expense of aesthetics. Who would want to work in a bunker? It was clear from the outset that the finished doors should be as precise and refined as the quality of the recordings that they protect from noise pollution.

Practically speaking, Acoustidor is certified to EN ISO 140-3 and is available in 4 versions: 41dB, 47dB, 53dB and 56dB. It is available in either 75mm leaf thickness or 100mm leaf thickness. With air permeability class 4 (EN12207) and Water tightness class 8a (EN12208) it offers all the durability that comes with all Strongdor products.