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Strongdor offer a full range of internal and external steel door-sets. Call to discuss your requirements, we would be happy to help.

Why choose Strongdor?

Decide on Strongdor and you will join a growing number of building, construction and facilities management professionals who insist on quality and service without compromise. Perfect for new build, renovation or maintenance, our steel doors are becoming the first choice time after time, and here’s why:

Accreditation and quality

We manufacture steel doors in the UK to very precise standards. From design to dispatch, we check them at every stage of the process for build quality and finish.

All our doors are custom made, so they can be configured to comply with most building standards (including the prestigious Secured by Design mark). Most commonly rated and certified for fire, security, acoustic and thermal performance, our ranges also include specialist doors with blast and bullet proof properties.

Value for money

Let’s be honest, you can find cheaper steel doors on the market, but ask yourself why?

Are they made from quality steel? Is the leaf Dutch folded for superb stability and resilience? Do they come powder coated and with a full fixing kit? Do they save time and money on site with adjust-to-fit frames? Will they need to replaced in 12 months time?

Sometimes what looks like a bargain can actually cost more in the long run.

Superb customer service

Talk to the expert sales team. Most have spent time in the industry, fitting doors and hold key steel door insights. They save you time and money in ordering the right door.

In production, we source the best steel, expertly designing, fabricating and building excellent steel doors. Keeping you up to date with delivery schedule and advising on any special site requirements.

When the door is fitted, we offer after sales care that is second to none. We won’t leave you in the lurch.

Fast track delivery

We offer priority dispatch on our fixed price Fastdor+ range, but if you need your doors faster, you may be able to get them quicker with a Fast track delivery. Talk to the sales team for details.

Secured by steel

focus on Steeldor

Steeldor is our flagship range and the perfect solution for choice and protection.

Expert support

here to help

Tips, advice and answers to your questions on all things steel doors from our specialists.

Tech specs

getting down to detail

The nitty gritty - factsheets and detailed information on our door-sets and hardware.

Peace of mind

the Strongdor guarantee

Our comprehensive guarantee sets out what you can expect from us, should things go wrong.


Dear Customer,

Your delivery date is critical to us, our quality is critical to you.

At Strongdor, we don’t deal in doubt. As manufacturers of steel doors, we build confidence. Step by step.

Firstly, because all our doors are monitored, measured and traceable through the manufacturing process, there is the assurance that if the time comes, and we sincerely hope it doesn’t, that all our doors will pass the sternest tests. We are absolutely certain that they will not merely pass, but they will exceed all expectations.

Secondly, you can be sure that we will deliver on time, every time. Reliability never happens by chance.



So our doors will normally be delivered within 12 working days, but if you find yourself in a tight spot, we can fastrack your order for delivery within 4 working days.

We have been trading in your market sector for some time now and have been able to demonstrate to many of our clients, the cost savings and efficiency benefits of working direct with Strongdor – the manufacturer.



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