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Gain further insight with our In The Know podcast series!

Thermal performance new

In The Know Podcast: Thermal Performance

Engage in a dynamic conversation with Strongdor's Terry James and Nader Aziz, exploring the profound impact of legislative changes on the performance of steel doors.

In The Know Fire Listing

In The Know Podcast: Fire Doors Insights

Engage in a discussion with Terry James and Nader Aziz from Strongdor to deepen your understanding of regulations, specifications, and testing related to fire-rated steel doors.

Strongdor Rutland Podcast Listing

In The Know Podcast: Rutland Door Closers

Dive into a chat with Neil Smith from Rutland and master all things fire safety with door closers.

Strongdor SBD Podcast Listing

In The Know Podcast: Secured By Design

Delve into a conversation with Hazel Goss from Secured By Design and uncover the advantages of accreditation in the steel door market.

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