Rutland TS9205 slimline heavy duty door closer


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Rutland TS9205 slimline heavy duty door closer

The Rutland TS9205 Door closer is known for its efficiency, quality, reliability and ease of use. One of the UK’s top specified door closers, it comes with easy to read instructions and adjustable power EN2-5 mechanism. It meets the requirements of Approved Document M and BS 8300 recommendations.

Ideal for Interior doors up to 1250mm or 110kg max, the 9205 has an integrated backcheck to prevent damage in high traffic areas.

It also features a delayed action, which slows down the closing speed of the door, making it perfect for care homes, schools and hospitals.

Dual handed and universal fixing for push or pull side mounting, the closing and latch speed adjustments make for a perfect closing action. The closer includes an architectural flat bar arm set, has 120 minute fire rating and a 25 year guarantee.

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