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Strongdor - frequently asked questions

Do Strongdor offer a site measuring service?

No, Strongdor are a manufacturer only and we do not offer site surveys. We recommend that the best person to measure the openings is the person that is fitting the doors.

How do I measure a door opening?

To manufacture the best fitting door, Strongdor will require the Brick to Brick structural opening of the doorway width and height. We will make the necessary fitting allowances on the size of the door frame. If the opening is wider at the top than the bottom or vice versa, please give us the width at the narrowest point.

Who is responsible for ensuring the sales quotation meets the specification and building regulations, including location and method of installation?

It is the customer’s responsible to ensure all details within the sales quotation / sales order meet the exact specification and / or original enquiry and are compliant with current building regulations including location and method of installation.

Strongdor cannot accept responsibility for discrepancies after the order is confirmed. All quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

Refer to Strongdor Ltd Terms and Conditions section 2.

What if the door is being installed near the coast or in a corrosive environment?

For any door that is installed within 5km of the coast, we recommend that you talk to one of the sales team about specialist door coatings.

Please ensure you advise our sales team when making your initial enquiry and they will quote accordingly.


You have many different door names on your website - Steeldor, Firedor, Louvidor etc. … How do I know which one to ask for?

There is lots of information about the door properties on the website – especially on the downloadable technical specification sheets. However, if you have any question please do not hesitate to give us a call and speak to one of our door experts. They will be very happy to guide you through the range and assist you in selecting the door that is most suitable for your specification.

Does Strongdor offer an installation service?

No, Strongdor is a manufacturer only. Should you require installation services, please advise our sales team before they raise a quote. They will be able to put you in touch with one of our approved door installation agents who will be very happy to quote for a supplied and installed Strongdor.

What happens if the goods are delivered late and my installers need to revisit site?

Our aim is deliver all orders on time in full, but there will sometimes be delays for reasons outside of our control.  Strongdor cannot accept liability for failed or delayed delivery and will always try and redeliver within a reasonable amount of time.

Refer to Strongdor Ltd Terms and Conditions section 5, and Strongdor Important Information booklet.

What if the door is being installed near the coast or in a corrosive environment?

For any door that is installed within 5km of the coast, please talk to the sales team about specialist door coatings.

What if the doors are damaged in transit?

It is your responsibility to check the products on delivery before signing for the goods. Any claims for damaged goods after they have been delivered and signed for, are not covered.

Refer to Strongdor Ltd Terms and Conditions section 5, and Strongdor Important Information booklet.

I have not yet unpacked the doors but I have measured the width to check it is correct and they seem to be 30mm too wide…

This is quite a common issue and it is because of the way we pack the doors. We pack the expanding side channels down the side of the doors before we wrap them. This makes the doors appear too wide but when you unpack them it will be clear that the channels are separate and need to be fitted to the door during installation.

Where are the keys for my door?

In a single door the keys are cable tied to the door frame. In a double door set you will find the keys in the fixing kit located in the door frame.

How do I install the doors?

We recommend using the services of a professional installer – or if you intend to install the doors yourself we have helpful video’s for professional installers available on our website.

We also have an installation guide which is included in our fixing kit with all door orders or available as a PDF or downloadable from our website.

If you have any questions we have a dedicated customer service team on hand to provide assistance – please call 01524 727000 and ask to speak to the Customer Service Team.

Who do I talk to if I need additional parts or spare components?

Please contact your designated account manager, or alternatively a member of our customer services team on 01524 727000 who will be able to help.

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