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Securidor - Roosecote battery storage facility

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One of the world’s largest battery storage facilities is taking shape on the site of the former power station at Roosecote, near Barrow in Cumbria. Commissioned by Centrica, as part of a £180m investment programme to develop new, flexible power plants across the country, the Roosecote battery storage facility is a state of the art project that will store energy harvested from the grid until needed.

With work on the site expected to be completed by the end of 2018, when the facility comes online it will boast the capacity to generate a staggering 49MW. That’s enough electricity to power around 50,000 homes at a very nimble response time of less than a second. Containing approximately 100,000 battery cells, it marks a new era for the energy industry.

Centrica has been working alongside main contractors Younicos, Morrison Utility Services and steel building specialists Robinsons to breathe life back into the old Roosecote site, to ensure stability of power supply to local homes and businesses.

The building itself is protected by Strongdor’s Securidor range of security doors. Manufactured to a rigorous level 2 security specification, they are furnished with Exidor 700 Series hardware. These substantial, impressive over-sized double and single door-sets have been used on all exterior aspects of the facility. Most have been fitted with removable over panels, to enable easy access for the installation and removal of specialist electrical equipment that can weigh in excess of 7 tons.

Sat in the shadow of the nearby Rampside Gas Terminal, this modern construction demonstrates the progress made in energy production and supply since the first, coal-fired power station began producing energy on the site in 1954. Subsequently replaced by a gas fired installation in 1991, the Roosecote battery storage facility is now poised to bring smarter, energy on demand for future generations and Strongdor are very grateful have played a very small part in that very big project.

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