Securidor+ S2 Security Rated Door-sets


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Securidor+ S2 security door range comprises of single and double security-rated steel door-sets that are specifically designed for use in locations that would benefit from enhanced protection. The typical applications for this range includes leisure facilities, schools and universities, housing association communal areas and general retail outlets.

SR2 Door with overpanel

Double personnel door-set

Securidor+ S2

Bespoke security-rated steel door-sets. LPS1175: Level 2 Issue 7 Cert/LPCB ref. 1542a

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Up to 3m high

1 year warranty

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LPCB certification

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Securidor+ S2 - Meets the requirements and testing procedures of LPS1175: Issue 7. LPCB approved and listed for intruder resistant building components, strongpoints, security enclosures and free standing barriers.

Securidor S2 - LPS 1175: Level 2 Issue 7 Cert/LPCB ref. 1542a

Typical door types and sizes

Please note that these door-sets can only be supplied with outward opening leaves.

Single door size Double door size
Min 750 x 1800mm Min 1500 x 1800mm
Max 1300 x 2200mm Max 2200 x 2210mm
SR2 Doortypes

If you are unsure, or have a question, then please talk to one of our expert sales team, who will be able to advise and guide you.

Typical Securidor+ S2 specification


The welded frame is made from reinforced 1.5mm galvanised steel and a 38mm x 100mm single rebated profile. It is reinforced at the hinges, lock keeps and fixing points.


Manufactured from 1.5mm galvanised attack face steel with 1.5mm inner face, the composite door leaf is 45mm thick with astragal lip to the closing edge. It weighs approximately 40kg per square metre.

Key Features

The range is certified to LPS1175 level 2, and fitted with double hinges for additional strength. It also incorporates an anti leverage cover strip to closing edge of door leaf. The door-sets are also Secured by Design approved and are also available with windows, louvres. Also solid over panels and hinged over panels which can be fixed, or removable.

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Certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board to LPS 1175 Level 2 Issue 7 Cert/LPCB Ref. 1542a


Aluminium and Type H - see diagram


Choice of Assa Sashlock, Assa Deadlock, or Exidor 700 series panic hardware available an optional Exidor outside access device. Also available with Surelock McGill Sterling’s Heavy Duty Tower bolts on the passive leaf. Keys and cylinders can be registered to eliminate the chance of key copying.


Wide choice of finishes available including powder coated finish from our range of RAL or BS colours.

Optional Extras

AB26 vision panel 400 x 400 x 27mm Louvres

Typical leaf and frame construction

Aluminium threshold with neoprene seal

Type H threshold

Securidor+ typical door features

  • Independently tested by LPCB 1175 and passed stringent attack testing
  • Single rebate minimum depth 38mm x 100mm
  • Leaf 1.5 galvanised steel
  • Minimum of 5 Reinforced fixing points either side with additional 2 on the head jamb for double doors
  • 45mm thick door leaf with an anti leverage astragal
  • D Seals
  • Double skinned with interlocking strengthening seams
  • Minimum of 4 Reinforced, Pre treated and Protected Grade 13 stainless steel ball bearing butt hinges (complies with EN 1935:2002)
  • Vertical Anti Twist Interlocking welded channel core
  • Reinforced lock keep
  • Dense Rockwood Core
  • Frame: 100mm galvanised steel
  • Powder Coated (pre treated and primed as standard offering additional protection)

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