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PAS24:2019 | Secured by Design steel security doors for electric locking single and double door-sets.

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  • To help select the correct hardware, please indicate the function of the door-set.
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    Securidor - SbD

    For electric locking applications

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    Electric locking single door-set


    Electric locking leaf half door-set

    Strongdor Secured by Design door-sets are certified to comply with the standards set by the national Police initiative to improve the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings, to provide safe places to live, work, shop and visit.

    These door-sets offer greater protection to bin stores, plant rooms and access to communal areas and can be used on both residential and commercial developments that require the peace of mind that comes with Secured by Design compliance.

    10 - 12 day lead time

    Up to 3.24m high with solid/glazed over panel

    Same day quotes

    1 years warranty

    Up to 4.5m wide with solid/glazed side panel

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    In order to achieve the Secured by Design designation, these Securidor door-sets had to undergo and pass the rigourous testing associated with PAS24:2019 certification. Created to improve security and safety, all the door configurations tested exceeded the criteria.

    Securidor - PAS24:2019 - electric locking - secured by design and by steel.


    Single door application


    Double door application

    Securidor typical steel door configurations

    Electric locking applications

    Double and single leaf, inward and outward opening, glazed, solid or louvre options. Comes with steel door frame and coupled over and side panel options.

    Access control options as shown.


    Glazed and solid side panel applications


    Certified to: PAS 24:2016 Enhanced security performance requirements for door-sets and windows in the UK. Door-sets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk. BM Trada Certificate 050/250.


    Classified as single and double leaf, over panel, fully glazed, hinged, internally glazed, inward opening, louvre, outward opening, side panel/vision panel, with or without letterplate.


    Glazed and solid side and over panel applications

    Max door sizes (excluding side and over panels)  |  Single leaf door-set Width 1300mm x height 2240mm   |  Double leaf door-set Width 2490mm x height 2240mm

    Typical Securidor specification

    Typical frame

    The smallest single rebate frame is shown in figs.1 single door-set and fig.2 double door-set. Other frame sizes and styles can be supplied on request.

    Steel / galvaneal head and jambs

    Minimum size 1.6 x 104 x 59mm

    Single type rebate size 48 x 16mm

    Door Leaf

    Core 42mm thick - rockwool or honeycombe infill

    Facings - 1.2mm thick -Steel/Galvaneal

    Single type rebate size 44 x 15mm

    Dutch fold joints

    Powder coated finish


    AM3 - Inward opening - 114 x 25mm

    AM5 - Outward opening - 114 x 25mm

    For hardware and configuration please contact our sales team on 01524 727000

    Fig. 1 | Single leaf rebate frame

    Fig. 2 | Double leaf rebate frame

    AM3 - Inward opening threshold

    AM5 - Outward opening threshold

    Securidor panel options

    Over and side panel frame (solid and glazed options)


    Head, cill and jamb - steel / galvaneal
    Min frame size 1.6 x 104 x 59mm

    Glazing options for door panels


    Glass configuration  |  24.8mm Insulating Glass Unit (Double glazed)
    Max size  |  (door) 570 x 1480mm
    Max size  |  (sidelight) 922 x 2162mm
    Single or multiple vision panels

    Louvre options for doors, over panels and side panels


    Max size  |  890 x 1831mm
    External/rear flange and louvre blades - steel/galvaneal 1.2mm thick

    Securidor access control hardware options

    V lock and strike case


    Other optional hardware


    Stainless steel push plate 300 x 75mm | Rutland TS9206 door closer | Tower bolt | Stainless steel D pull handle 300 x 18mm

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