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Safe doors for sports halls

Sport England have been recommending the addition of rebound panels on steel doors since 2012. Specifically designed for use on sports hall emergency exits, these specialist doors protect hall users from impact injury with prominent door furniture.

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In their Sports Halls design guidance publication (pictured below), Sport England advise that:


Full details of the Sport England recommendations for sports hall design can be found on their website. You can download the guidance document here.

“Flush doors, especially those with panic bolt mechanisms, are often difficult to get right and consideration should be given to using metal frames and procuring as a single source supply item (like an engineered window).

“External escape doors must be panelled out to line through with the wall surface. The lower section can then form part of the five-a-side football rebound zone (1.21m high along walls) and a flush facing is essential for overall safety.”

Over time, as the guidance is taken up, these rebound panels are becoming more popular and are being specified on both new build and refurbishment projects. Our standard Steeldor range can easily be modified to comply with the recommendation and is currently being successfully used in sports facilities across the country.

Sportdor - performance matters

Ready to print details are available on the Sportdor download sheet .

Please talk to one of our expert sales team, who will be able to advise and guide you in all aspects of these specialist door-sets.

Great design can inspire sports enthusiasts of every age and ability. It enables more and more people to participate in all kinds of activities in the safety of purpose built, accessible, well maintained facilities. It helps to build connection in team activities, resilience in individual pursuits and a sense of achievement that only comes from overcoming challenge.

Guided by the advice and expertise offered by Sport England, Strongdor designed Sportdor to meet the varying needs of the end user, while not compromising on our commitment of making life easier for the installer. Ideal for use in schools, leisure centres and community spaces, Sportdor offers both specification flexibility and sturdy performance.

Choice of hardware and configuration

Sportdor offers flexible hardware solutions based on the bespoke design.  These steel doors aim to meet specification for multiple application in different locations. Discuss your specific requirement with our sales team who would be delighted to advise and assist you.


Other hardware and configurations available please contact our sales team on 01524 727000

Standard RAL colour range and powder coating options for Sportdor

To ensure maximum durability, Steeldor is supplied in a high quality finish powder coating. At no extra cost.

A full range of and BS colours are available, including metallics and pearlescents as an optional extra.

These colours represent a selection of all those that are available. Please ask if you cannot see the colour you require.

PLEASE NOTE: These colours are for reference only and are an approximation of the true colours. The quality, type and settings of the output device used to display this page will also affect the visible colour. Some colours may be subject to an additional cost. Door-sets that are installed in extreme locations, ie, coastal areas etc, may require special paint applications. Our sales staff can advise accordingly. Failure to notify/specify these applications can result in the negation of the Strongdor guarantee.

Steeldor in action - a selection of case studies

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